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The technical processes of your components will not be a secret in your company; you can control the timing and assess compliance with the commitments made by Airpro Components daily. Our commitment goes beyond a verbal commitment, so we keep you updated of our processes.

For this we have developed the Job Tracker system, through which you can view, at any time, the progress of your components during the repair process. We offer the ability to manage and administrate the work on your components together with our professional team of technicians. Once you identify your component through the P/N and S/N, you may easily visualize, by means of a progress chart, the process at which the component is and the percentage of progress it is having. This way, you will be able to identify in a simple way if your component is in the phase of etching and cleaning, inspection and damage assessment, repair, assembly, painting or in the final process and delivery. Simple and practical, Job Tracker allows you to take full control of the process, because we understand the importance of being able to monitor progress and maintenance times, as well as the management and approval of the budget according to the final result of the inspection process.

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